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Closer to you.

For us, it all begins with you: understanding your individual needs and unique aspirations.
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Those closest to us are the ones who know us the best. Close to our lives. And close to our homes. And so, we feel the most confident placing our trust in those that know us the best.

So, if our trust is based off of this proximity, why would our choice in private banks be any different? 

We have deep roots as members in the Florida community for 75 years, we are proud to be your neighbors. And as your neighbors, we know you. And we know your life. We don’t just understand your needs, we anticipate them before you do. And that’s because we’re right here with you all the way. 

For us, being close means more than just being near you. It means building the kind of personal relationship that allows us to create individual solutions specifically engineered to fit your life. It means quick responsiveness whenever you need us and individual attention beyond compare. 

So, while most banks say they’re only a phone call away, we know better than to wait for you to dial our number. Because at City National Private, everything we do is centered around being closer to you. 
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